About Us

The Redshank Group are specialist suppliers of IT products and services to an ever increasing customer base across the UK and Europe. Here at Redshank we have pulled together world class teams of experts in each of their fields.

Our Company Owners

Trevor Carlton-King
Trevor Carlton-KingManaging Director
Barrie Fricker
Barrie FrickerCEO

Our Key Leaders

Peter Donnelly
Peter DonnellyE-commerce & Marketing
David Handsley
David HandsleyLarge Format Specialist
Marcus Billett
Marcus BillettIT Specialist

Our Staff

All staff are performance focused and advance themselves professionally throughout their career at Redshank IT Services. Our staff are encouraged to develop and demonstrate the following skills and professional behaviours:

Demonstrate Ownership and Accountability
Every member of staff can make a difference. The first step in making a difference is an attitude of ownership and accountability. Overcoming business challenges is the responsibility of every member of staff. Staff that demonstrate ownership and accountability, seize opportunities to improve and are leaders, serving the business and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Support Team Success
While individual progress and ownership is important, the greatest success comes from teamwork. The ability to work with people of diverse talents and personalities is essential to success at Redshank IT.

Strive for Flexibility and Creativity
Changes in business require flexibility from all of our staff. Extra work may be required to meet deadlines and keep our clients and customers thrilled with our service. In addition to being flexible, being creative is also critical to creating solutions for our business.

Display Competence in Work Skills
Every job has fundamental work skills required to be successful. Whether it is excellent customer care, service skills, technical skills, sales skills or simply organizing a delivery, competence in work skills is essential for our company’s success.

Seek Improvement for Self and Department
Continuous improvement is important for business and for individuals. How else do we grow, develop, and improve? It all starts with an attitude that seeks improvement – a winning attitude. There are always things we can improve on, and seeking improvement can make a big difference in all of our work.

Our Values

  • We do the right thing
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We are obsessed with customer cost savings
  • We make things simple
  • We are customer centric

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a positive difference to our customers by fulfilling their needs for technology, service and solutions and to help our employees reach their goals whilst enjoying what we do.