We are seeing a profound shift within IT organisations

A tactical move away from capital investments to operational expenses as a means of helping cash flows

No longer are there Technology Projects – just Business Projects with Technology Components

Our managed print division takes a ‘wide angle’ approach to observe, collect information, consult and recommend an optimised solution to manage your document output in the most cost effective, time efficient and hassle-free way possible.

We believe in providing a customer-centric solution; we won’t try to persuade you into a contract which is unsuitable for your needs. If the best fit for your business is a straight up, ad-hoc purchasing model, we’ll tell you!

The Redshank Group offers solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Depending on your needs our recommendations may include a combination of services.

Whether you need a simple, flexible contractual service or a fully scalable set of services, a Managed Print Service will give you:

Reduced costs across your imaging and printing environment.

Expert technical phone support and consistent delivery service across multiple locations.

Streamlined and automated paper workflows.

The most stable printing service in the industry.

The Redshank Approach

Our tried and tested method addresses 5 key stages.

You will be amazed at the speed and ease of execution as we work through each of them with you.

Stage 1


Our starting point is an in-depth discussion to ascertain what you want to achieve. We ensure we have a clear understanding of the ‘problem’ in order to agree objectives at the outset

Stage 2


Our next phase is the discovery; using available data and monitoring tools, we will stress test to verify the accuracy of the information (and if necessary, return to the consultancy stage) in order to make a recommendation based on factual information. This is also done in consultation with your key stakeholders to ensure that we remain aligned at all times.

Stage 3


Upon acceptance of our proposed solution, we will agree an implementation plan / statement of works, ensuring at all times that we remain ‘on brief’; we aim to make the process straightforward and with no hidden additional costs

Stage 4


Once implementation is completed, with equipment delivered, installed, software set up etc. (this process will again be agreed in detail to ensure expectations are managed and met) we move on to agree a date for review, typically three months after the commencement of the contract.

Stage 5


At this point we essentially perform a ‘rediscovery’ to find out what the key user experience has been to date. We ask whether the main objectives of the project have been met or exceeded, and learn of any areas where we can improve, add further customer value to the solution, or make any fine-tuning amendments to cope with the changing needs of your business (thereby achieving optimisation).

Stage 6


This final phase of the process is repeated periodically throughout the duration of the agreement to ensure we remain as closely aligned to the objectives of your business as possible, whatever direction they may take.

Contract Types

Ultimately, the vast majority of solutions provided are encapsulated in some form of contract; essentially a suite of products and services to be provided by us, coupled with some form of commitment from you. A key area where we are proud to stand out is that we are always pleased to help demystify these agreements, to make them as straightforward and plain-speaking as possible.

Your requirements are unique to your own set of circumstances, so we will endeavour to work closely with you to craft an agreement to suit you (not to suit us). We can show you some great financial products to give you either increased flexibility, greater peace of mind, or simply a fantastic price to work within a tight budget, and we can include (or exclude) equipment, service, supplies and software to suit you.

We gain nothing by tying you into a contract which isn’t right for your business, which is why we will always let you know if the best fit for you is to continue as you are.

man talking to woman during presentation at work

Brand Focus

We are proud to be truly ‘brand agnostic’ and will not restrict our solution search to a small handful of vendors. Instead, we prefer to take additional care before we make any recommendation; those extra questions we ask in the discovery phase mean that our recommendations answer your brief as closely as possible – every time.


To ensure you get the best from your print solution, we have a variety of tools at our disposal that not only measure print volumes on an on-going basis, and the associated costs, but also power consumption, and conformity to pre-agreed SLAs.  Part of our best practice solution reporting is to generate carbon footprint reports, and we can also provide guidance on optimisation, ensuring the correct machine is always deployed in the right location for required tasks.

Our Professional Services team include personnel who historically have been responsible for developing the solutions business for the leading UK vendors, which means our approach to print management focuses on current challenges and infrastructure, rather than trying to ‘shoehorn’ a piece of software into where it will only deliver half of what’s needed. We are fully conversant with configuration and deployment of products such as the PaperCut and SafeCom secure print and accounting suites.

We also train system administrators and key users to get the most from all solutions implemented. A large part of our focus is now on document management and workflow solutions, where we can increase cost-savings to typically 40% by making use of exciting new developments such as printer apps which can be bespoke to a customer’s requirements.

Our consultative approach looks to complete a full requirements document before gaining user acceptance, and only on meeting the agreed criteria, will we take a solution live.

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