Our Management Team:

Trevor Carlton-King
Trevor Carlton-KingGroup Managing Director
Barrie Fricker
Barrie FrickerGroup CEO
Graeme Gee
Graeme GeeGroup Finance Director

Trevor is the founder of the Redshank Group, which was born out of his vision to create the kind of business he’d love to work in. Trevor lives, breathes and drives the Customer Values which we engender throughout the Group; values which are mirrored with our own internal charter, based on teamwork, a family environment and the embracing of change – all essential to the fabric of our business.

When he’s not plotting our future global domination, Trevor enjoys motocross and powerboats – as if steering the continued success of Redshank isn’t thrilling enough!

Barrie is an industry veteran of 27 years (and counting), holding senior roles in IT and print resellers in the south. Very much a customer-facing leader, Barrie is happiest when working closely with educational, corporate and public sector clients on often complex and challenging service-led projects.

He doesn’t get much spare time, but when he does, he likes to spend it with his large and ever-expanding family.

Redshank’s ‘King of the Calculator’, Graeme is responsible for the smooth running of the financial affairs of the entire Group, from credit limits to cash collection and all points in between.

In his spare time, Graeme runs a (league-winning, he’s quick to point out) football team, and is an aficionado of tracksuits and flat caps – though not at the same time.

Leon Windsor
Leon WindsorGroup Sales Director
Pete Donnelly
Pete DonnellyGroup Marketing Director
David Martin
David MartinGroup IT Director

Leon is a long-standing sales leader with over 20 years’ IT and print industry experience. His focus is on finding, coaching and developing successful, motivated and driven sales professionals who pride themselves on providing best-in-class solutions and services to our customers.

In his spare time, Leon likes to buy expensive, often uncomfortable denim from Japan, for reasons best kept to himself.

Pete joined the business in 2014, having previously worked in marketing and e-commerce; most significantly developing a website which was responsible for 30% of a business’s £12m turnover. Today, Pete looks after systems development and customer communications, taking ownership and great pride in the Redshank customer experience.

Outside of work, Pete spends his time with his daughter, and single-handedly keeping the world’s gadget manufacturers in business.

Dave has worked with the Redshank Group for a number of years in a consultancy role; however, we are delighted to now include him among our permanent team. Dave is in his element when solving IT issues; a hands-on problem solver who genuinely loves the challenge of complex systems architectures, his ability to explain and resolve issues using plain language and with the minimum of fuss has been key to the ongoing success of the Group.

He’s also officially the friendliest IT professional you will ever encounter!

Vicky Black
Vicky BlackGroup Operations Director

Vicki is, by necessity, our most organised member of the leadership team, lending a calm, measured and methodical approach to our fast-moving operations. Assured, with a keen attention to detail, Vicki looks after all business processes, ensuring a superior customer experience and a simple, seamless delivery of all products and services.

When not writing process manuals, Vicki likes to complete jigsaw puzzles and sing along to Dolly Parton records.

Our Corporate Team:

Nicky Djenki
Nicky DjenkiCorporate Account Manager
Steve Oliver
Steve OliverCorporate Account Manager
Ian Cooper
Ian CooperCorporate Account Manager

Nicky is a senior account manager of the utmost quality, delivering the highest standards of customer care and attention, and winning the loyalty and trust of some of Redshank’s most valued and long-standing clients. If Nicky was an EBay seller, we believe she would have 100% positive feedback!

When not taking care of customers, Nicky spends her time trying to keep up with her two young sons.

Redshank’s resident Essex boy is a senior level account manager who is entrusted with looking after some of Redshank’s corporate clients. Thorough, detailed and organised, Steve is one of our safest pairs of hands, particularly when dealing with complex, often demanding and time-critical solutions management.

His endless patience and composure in the face of the seemingly impossible may or may not be linked to the fact that he’s a lifetime fan of Tottenham Hotspur.

Incredibly knowledgeable across both print and IT, Ian is a true expert in his field and has well over a decade of experience looking after high-profile, demanding and complex customers, who rely on him to provide unbiased, level-headed consultancy and guidance on their technology investments. Ian speaks both ‘technical’ and plain English, so is a popular choice for IT professionals and novices alike.

Before we all get carried away singing Ian’s praises, please be aware he’s a massive Liverpool fan – nobody’s perfect.

Our Large Format Team:

Anthony Grayson
Anthony GraysonLarge Format Materials Specialist
Luke Carter
Luke CarterLarge Format Account Manager
Harry Mason
Harry MasonLarge Format Account Manager

Many people could legitimately call themselves a ‘jack of all trades’, but Tony is truly a ‘master of one’. His knowledge and experience in large format materials is unsurpassed. His focus is on providing the best value materials whilst never, ever compromising on the quality of his products. He exhaustively scours the European markets to source the best-in-class media, taking a forensic approach to his work.

Outside of work, Tony is a keen amateur meteorologist; what he doesn’t know about weather systems is, quite frankly, not worth knowing.

Luke is the rising star of the Large Format team, having only joined as an apprentice in September 2018. He has already earned a well-deserved reputation for hard work, determination and fantastic customer relationship skills.

We are already looking forward to Luke’s graduation and ongoing development. He’s saving up for his first shaving kit, and we want to help him achieve his target.

Harry joined Redshank back in 2015 as a fresh-faced apprentice, learning a broad range of skills during the earlier days of our organisation (not least, how to make a mean cup of tea). Today, he specialises in consumables for a range of large format printers and is working towards his professional industry qualification for equipment and software RIP sales.

Harry has boundless enthusiasm for his job, and wants to share his experience by running his own team in the near future. Please don’t get him talking about trainers, though.

Our IT Services Team:

Joe Jordan
Joe JordanIT Account Manager
Karl Harris
Karl HarrisIT Sales Manager
Ian Marjolin
Ian MarjolinIT Account Manager

A new recruit to Redshank, but self-confessed ‘computer enthusiast’ (we think he means ‘geek’), Joe is helping to build the knowledge and skills of the team, and using his experience to help customers and prospects get the most from their IT budget.

In his spare time, Joe collects tattoos (yes, really).

The newest member of our team, Karl joins us from an IT solution provider and brings over six years of experience in building custom PCs and network peripherals to exacting specifications from demanding clients. Karl is in the process of recruiting and developing his own team of expert consultants within the IT Services division.

We hope his selections are more successful than his car purchasing skills.

Ian has joined us from a local IT company, and was attracted by our fresh approach to business and the chance to make a real difference and add genuine value to his loyal customer base, built up over the past decade. Ian specialises in public sector accounts, and has built up a fantastic reputation for attention to detail and fitting best-in-class solutions to pressured budget holders.

Ian thinks he knows a bit about football, but his choice of coffee cup proves beyond reasonable doubt that he knows nothing.

Our Office Supplies Team:

Dan Holdsworth
Dan HoldsworthSupplies Team Account Manager
Paul Brown
Paul BrownSupplies Team Account Manager
Dan Griffiths
Dan GriffithsSupplies Team Sales Manager

Dan is quiet, unassuming and incredibly hard-working. His dedication to consistently high levels of customer service have helped build a loyal and valued client base.

And on ‘dress down Friday’, nobody styles out wearing a cap back-to-front quite like Dan.

Another high-octane performer, Paul specialises in large, multi-site clients and public sector bodies. With a deep understanding of complicated frameworks, a genuine affinity with the buyer, and a patient and cheery demeanour, Paul’s is one of Redshank’s new success stories.

He also is the number one beard wearer in the office, despite some decent competition.

Dan oversees the success of the Office Supplies team, our largest business unit. With over a decade in print-related sales, he is responsible for acquisition and retention of clients, and for developing his team. His insight, focus and determination is offset by his calm demeanour.

Please ask him about his time working in Magaluf, when he allegedly climbed across a balcony to ‘ask for a cup of tea’…

Our Managed Print Solutions (MPS) Team:

Paul Gibbs
Paul GibbsMPS Business Development Manager
Chris Brown
Chris BrownMPS Business Development Manager
Lee Jordan
Lee JordanMPS Business Development Manager

With a vast network of suppliers, an extensive knowledge of the market and a work rate that’s actually exhausting to watch, Paul is one of our longest serving members of the team and the pace setter for our Group. He has recently moved into the MPS team, bringing his energy and enthusiasm into the realm of value-added contract business. Paul is living proof that you can work hard and smart.

When he’s not racking up the biggest phone bill in the business, he likes to spend his time with his young family and doing impressions of Les Dawson.

Chris is a specialist in creative managed print solutions. A keen ‘outside the box’ thinker, Chris helps his clients navigate their way through the often complex arena of print contracts. He prides himself on finding creative solutions which save his customers money, offering them cost-effective, flexible agreements to suit.

In his spare time, Chris likes to think he’s better at badminton than he actually is, and is a member of Victory Morrismen, having been introduced to Morris dancing as a child by his aunt Vivienne.

Lee is focused on providing managed print solutions which add genuine value to his clients. He will always put in the extra effort to help a customer to achieve exactly what they want, delivering solutions on budget and on time, every time.

A family man, Lee’s weekends are taken up with family, with various activities from museums, camping trips and the zoo!

Mark Hope
Mark HopeMPS Solutions Consultant

Mark has been closely affiliated with Redshank for a number of years, and has a 20+ year background in software solutions consultancy. Always amenable and pleased to share his knowledge with customers and colleagues.

He also tells the worst jokes in Britain. This is verified in the Guinness Book of Records.

Our Support Team:

Sophie Strong
Sophie StrongAccounts Manager
Hollie Saunders
Hollie SaundersSales Administrator
Nathan Collins
Nathan CollinsBusiness Administrator

A graduate of our apprentice programme, Sophie has gone on to build an impressive career at Redshank; still her development continues.

We recently promoted Sophie to the position of Accounts Manager and under the stewardship of our FD, is growing her skills and experience and managing her team. The glue that binds the support team together, Sophie is a prized Redshank asset.

Hollie is another graduate of our apprentice programme, a rising star who takes a real pride in looking after all matters of caring for our valued customers. Hollie also manages supplier relationships and is in charge of supervising deliveries via approved couriers, and stock control.

For some reason, Hollie thinks boots with shiny bits on them are cool. We cannot begin to fathom the reason for this.

Nathan is a promising apprentice who joined the business in September 2018 and is responsible for order tracking, customer care and the despatch area.

Nathan is also about nine feet tall, and often has clouds around his head.