We see outsourcing your IT support as an investment

When you work with the right IT company supporting your organisation and its requirements, it is guaranteed to save costs over time. We want you to treat us like your extended IT Department.

We want you to feel comfortable asking us anything.


Your data is primary

Every organisation, small or large, needs to have effective IT services and systems to increase productivity. Some companies will employ their own technology experts on a full time basis whereas others will outsource their technical support to a strong and reliable IT support provider. Either way it is a must for companies to stay updated on the latest tech trends and have support on-call for this ever-changing infrastructure.
Small to medium sized outfits trying to manage their own IT can be time consuming and expensive. We are well versed in all aspects of IT support and have already performed many of the tasks that you will need from us with other clients. So for a very low cost, we can be your own personal IT Manager or you use us an extension of your existing IT Department and we’ll take care of all required tasks quickly and efficiently.

Leave it all to us

We will be able to remotely connect to any computer or laptop and perform fixes for you right there and then. We can also use that connection to show you how to do something so that you know for next time. And if you’re too busy, we’ll just fix it in the background (you won’t even know we’re there) and will let you know when it’s done.

In the background we’ll be listening to your network with our state-of-the-art monitoring software. We’ll be scanning for any issues and fixing them before they cause you any problems. Any security patches that get released will be installed immediately to keep you safe from hacker vulnerabilities.

We’ll be there to help

Imagine unlimited assistance from us, always there to help with anything that crops up.
All 12 month aggreements include the follwing:
Initial hardware asset tag and audit
New and replacement IT equipment advice
Response times of less than 2 hours
Unlimited remote & telephone support (09:00 – 17:00 Mon-Fri)
Access to Redshank IT support client portal
24/7 system monitoring
Dedicated IT support manager
Full network administration
Support and admin for Microsoft 365, G-Suite and cloud-based software.

Let Us Help You!

Our IT Support team are friendly and helpful, they'll be waiting for your call between 9am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday!

Alternatively, you can fill in our reply form below and a member of our team will reach out when it suits you.

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