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Complete Support – Managed IT Support Services

You need your people to be working whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose.

Guess what? So do your people, as they all have things to do. They might have KPIs, targets, customers to keep happy and if their technology isn’t working chances are they won’t be able to do what they need to do when they need to do it.

That’s why at Redshank we support your people, wherever they are working, whenever they are working and on whatever device they are using.

With our simple and straightforward pricing, 30 day agreements and unlimited support you can be confident your technology will be supporting your people whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose.

Complete Support
Pay As You Go IT Support
Complete Cyber Security
IT Hardware Supply

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Complete Cyber Security

It’s not a case of if your business will be subjected to cyber-crime it’s a case of when. Don’t be that business owner that thinks that your data isn’t of interest to the cyber criminals. The reality is that automated systems try their luck with every system they can find, a bit like someone trying the doors and windows of every house on your street until they find one that’s unlocked.


Once someone is ‘in’ the chances are they won’t be stealing your data, rather they will lock you out of your system and demand a ransom to let you back. No access to your systems means invoices can’t be processed, orders can’t be fulfilled, and appointments aren’t kept – all damaging to your business.

Downloads: Find out more about our Complete IT Solutions

Complete Support
Pay As You Go IT Support
Complete Cyber Security
IT Hardware Supply
A happy member of our IT Support Team sat on a chair making a note on their tablet with a stylus

Complete Support from Redshank – you will benefit from:

Clear simple pricing

We support your people not just the technology

Unlimited remote support

Hampshire based helpdesk

Person to person support

24/7 monitoring

Hassle free migration from your existing provider

Complete cyber security suite

Fixed price projects

Reduced pricing on all Laptops, Desktops & Tablets

30 Day rolling agreement

Contact Us to find out how we can help you!

No business can operate with some level of IT, so you need experts to assist you with advice on everything from Microsoft licences to a full IT refresh to securely allowing people to work remotely, that’s where we come in, Complete Support from Redshank is your outsourced IT department.

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